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Welcome to the aquatic age

In the year 2099 there was an Annihilation War that changed the course of the Human Race. At the hand of the Evil Abysster, mankind’s progression into the stars took an utterly ineluctable twist to a watery fate. It was the start of a new century and a new beginning for mankind called the Aquatic Age.


The devastating war had adverse effects on the depleted human population. The war forced the remaining humans to live in an underwater city. The Evil Abysster and trans-mutant factions have taken over the land which was now uninhabitable to mankind.


While they were in the process of trying to wipeout human existence, a new superhero team, the Astonishing Amphibic 8, was formed to become the new protectors of the underwater City of Aquaticus and the saviors of the human race.

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In the year 2005 on the militant planet Quellos in the Andromeda Galaxy, a small percentage of the female population possesses a rare and special blood type giving them special abilities. The militant forces that run the planet exploit these females at a very young age to turn them into military killing weapons used against the rebel forces that oppose them. These young girls’ real parents are terminated, and the girls are placed with a surrogate family to be trained as military assets.


Sara Bellum and Sirus Borgon are one of these surrogate families, in charge of five young girls to train them into militant soldiers for the Quellosian Militant Task Force, including their own biological daughter, Ariel. After the loss of Ariel, they had a change of heart and decided to escape their planet and find a new home somewhere else, hoping for a better life for their children.


Sara and Sirus secretly escape Quellos with their four girls on board the exploration spaceship the QRS Moonstar, heading toward the Galactic Access Portal (GAP) to reach a safer galaxy. However, their plans are discovered, and the High Commander of the Quellosian Militant Task Force sends the QMS Starstriker after them to retrieve the missing military assets. A harrowing chase ensues to Earth’s solar system and they barely make it to Earth.


Growing up as outsiders in human society, Sara trains the girls over the years, honing their skills and special powers. Feeling a personal obligation to protect their new home, Sara and her daughters form a superhero team called The Unbelievable Femtastics.


While fighting many threats and supervillains on Earth, Sara knows that one day the inevitable battle will come from the Quellosians …